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Decor Innovations from Taylor Made Iron

All decorative metalwork projects by Taylor Made Iron are designed and built in collaboration with home and business owners to bring maximum satisfaction. Our company is committed to excellent customer service, quality, and a strong work ethic.

Express Yourself Through Metal

Our decorative metal work can add finishing touches to your house or office. Regardless of your style preference, we create artisanal pieces that reflect your unique taste. Based in Huntington Beach, California, we make our service is available to clients throughout Orange County. Products are always beautiful, durable, and 100 percent functional with a team of talented iron artisans on the job. We take pride in their ingenious designs and hope you appreciate them, too. Projects include:

Lighting Structures: Sconces, Chandeliers, Candelabras | Decorative Objects: Art Pieces, Wall or Garden Ornaments | Functional Objects: Screens, Racks, Patio Furniture.

The Right Fit for You

Because it is difficult to find the appropriate size and shape of specific structural elements, custom work is often a necessity. We can beautifully design and create custom decorative metalwork for any area in or around your home or business. Since we fabricate each job as it is ordered, it is simple for our clients to customize one of our standard designs or have projects commissioned.