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Attractive Metal Gates That Are Built To Last

At Taylor Made Iron, metal gates are one of our most popular products. We're capable of creating any custom gate or stair railing for your property. From basic arches to ornate designs, we can satisfy all of your requests.


Elevating Your Land

Detailed metal gates give your home or business an elegant and polished look. Our professionals assist you in design, fabrication, and installation to provide protection and privacy for you and your building. Rest assured every piece is engineered to withstand the test of time. We offer service to a number of areas on your property, including:

Driveways | Courtyards | Garages | Residential Exteriors | Commercial Exteriors

A Sophisticated Flair

You'll often see a nearby home or building and fall in love with how it looks. The right kind of gate can add that extra touch of class you've been looking for. Whether you're building a new home or opening a business, a metal gate is something you should seriously consider. Our experts are innovative, so no two pieces they build are the same.

Professionals You Trust

Our origins are deeply rooted in delivering high-end custom metalwork. Providing our clients with gorgeous iron masterpieces has consistently been our objective. We utilize only top materials for all of our products. Development is completed by skilled craftsmen who create timeless works of art. To ensure privacy and security for your property, we install proper locks for your gates, fences, and doors. Contact us in Huntington Beach, California, to get started.